Hello Partners !! here is your Wholesale traffic

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Hello Partners !! here is your Wholesale traffic

Posted:Mon 11 of Aug, 2014 (23:33 UTC)
Dear Partners
We are from Everest int ‘l trading Co., Inc. Based at CA, USA.
We have live wholesale non cli traffic toward below locations.

AFGHANISTAN Mobile all, ALGERIA mobile, BELARUS Mobile all, EGYPT mobile all, Ivory Coast Mob, Kuwait mobile,
Libya mobile all, Morocco Mobile, Myanmar all, Nepal mobile, Philippines mobile all,
TUNISIA MOB, UK FIXED CODE, Vietnam mobile, Zimbabwe Econet
We are buying on post pay and do not provide trade references at present. Interested direct route providers are requested to contact below address
Thanking you

Ramenson Diaz
CEO │Everest International Trading Co, Inc
10302 Ocean Gate Avenue | Los Angeles, CA 90304
Skype: ramendiaz +1 (310) (929) 7519
r.diaz@everestintl-inc.com | www.everestintl-inc.com