Speedflow's Guardian - protecting your profit

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Speedflow's Guardian - protecting your profit

Posted:Tue 19 of Aug, 2014 (16:16 UTC)
Looking for a way to increase your profit and make your wholesale VoIP business more effective? Don't have a large technical support staff to constantly monitor and fine-tune your traffic? Let Speedflow's Guardian revenue assurance system take all the hassle out of wholesale VoIP.

The unique Guardian system, coupled with the MediaCore Softswitch, helps to increase the high quality of traffic. Guardian's main advantage is its efficiency - it processes an enormous amount of data, thereby saving time and energy. In line with established parameters it accurately processes statistics, removes problematic destinations and chooses the best connections.

In case of an incident or a decline in connection quality, the system automatically generates a Trouble Ticket and sends it to suppliers. Also included in the system is the ability for users to detect FAS automatically.

So if you're a small business looking to make it big, Speedflow's Guardian has the solution.
For more information please contact us via e-mail info@speedflow.com