Draytek 2930Vn Voip Setup Help

Joined: Sat 23 of Aug, 2014

Draytek 2930Vn Voip Setup Help

Posted:Sat 23 of Aug, 2014 (08:04 UTC)
I just need a bit if guidance and help as my knowledge is a bit lacking. I have tired different options and settings as well as searched before posting here so any help would be much appreciated.

As the setup is for my home office it's not too important though I would like to get it right and learn the correct way of installing and setting up.

My router (Draytek 2930Vn) seems to be setup fine and all switches seem to work ok for Internet throughout the network.

I have used Draytel and the account registers fine on the router.

When i make a call using a soft phone on my PC all other PC's including the one I am using lose Internet access on the network. Have I done something wrong here or not configured something correctly?

I'm not too sure if I need to do more to use the Draytek internal settings for phones. Draytek have been less than helpful.

I'm a bit confused with the SPA504G soft phone set up too. It plugs in fine, gets an IP and the number shows but that's it, nothing seems to work. Have I missed something?

Whilst building all of this I thought of also using Incredible PBX on a Raspberry Pi in the system for extensions etc... is there a place I can go to locate more information tailored to my Draytek/Draytel configuration to assist me in setting this up.

Thanks in advance for any help.