Cisco 7945G with asterisk

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Re: Cisco 7945G with asterisk

Posted:Wed 15 of Oct, 2014 (23:58 UTC)
Hello netjordan,

I love cisco phones and asterisk works well. It was difficult at first for me but after 7 years of using cisco and asterisk I believe I can help you get this working on Chan_Sccp and/or SIP. SIP is the easiet. My favorite flavor of SIP is the sip45-8-4-2s load. Works great and the dial button works. If your using any version I believe 9 or higher in sip the default transport 4 in the xml is not udp but rather tcp. you can change this back to udp in the xml. Im not sure where your stuck at or if your stuck at all anymore. Thanks.
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Cisco 7945G with asterisk

Posted:Thu 28 of Aug, 2014 (16:20 UTC)

We have some new Cisco IP Phone 7945G that we are trying to get working with asterisk.

I've read that the 9.x firmware doesnt work with asterisk, and we have the phones that require version 9.3.1 or above.

I've tried getting these to work with both chan_sccp and chan_skinny as well as SIP but nothing seems to work.

Has anyone else been able to get these to work with asterisk?