Problem configuring BroadBand connection in AsteriskNow

Joined: Thu 04 of Sep, 2014

Problem configuring BroadBand connection in AsteriskNow

Posted:Thu 04 of Sep, 2014 (08:07 UTC)
I had AsteriskNow(Oracle VM) installed on my laptop, and i had "ADSL Network" Loacal area connection(provider MTNL India).
My AsteriskNow installation use to work well, and i was able to make call between ipblue and x-lite softphone successfully, which i Wanted.

But now due to some problem I have stoped usnig ADSL connection,

I have got another internet connection from different provide, this time i have got "Cable Net"(BroadBand connection) from local cable provider in area.
The new connection type is BroadBand Connection(under my windows NetworkConnection) instead of Local area connection(from my old provide)

Now when I start my AsteriskNow, it read the ethernet0 which is old local are network,
but I want AsteriskNow to read the IP and DNS details from New Broadband Connection instead of old Local Area network ? how can i achive this?

Do AsteriskNow Support BroadBand type of connection? or i have to switch back to my old Internet Provider?

Sunil Tiwari