Russia non-CLI termination

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Russia non-CLI termination

Posted:Sun 07 of Sep, 2014 (10:49 UTC)

We can offer a small but stable termination route to Russia (GSM). non-CLI, SIP only. ACD over 5 mins not a problem.
We are looking for a stable voip-partner who can deliver live traffic with ACD > 2 mins and have no problems with payouts of small amounts (from 100 USD pr.week) to paypal. 7/2 with no matter what outstanding balance is or upon request. We are not interested on other terms with large credits and long payout timeframes.
Other technical terms are negotiated. References to other terminating parties, recommendations from your voip-partners are necessary.
Ready to accept traffic now with the right partner.
1 min from 0.025$
P.S we are offering small but stable capacity, this is not a E1 or T1!!

Skype: paul.ivan4
Thank you.