USA Caller ID Revenue

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USA Caller ID Revenue

Posted:Wed 17 of Sep, 2014 (15:19 UTC)
What we do
With Starcom's CNAM Dip program you can instantly add a monthly revenue stream to your business without changing your current VoIP provider and without investing 1 cent! It’s pretty easy. We supply you with DIDs (phone numbers) of your choice and assign custom Caller ID names of your choice, for your outbound dialing plan.

How it Works
VoIP providers or Call Centers use our DIDs in your dialer's outbound calling plan. Every time you make and outbound call with Starcom DID to a U.S. lan-line that is Caller ID enabled, a "Dip" takes place. The “Dip” is when the terminating carrier looks up the CNAM (Caller ID name) in a database containing Caller ID information. Large phone companies (Verizon, AT&T, ect) pay a small fee to verify the CNAM. And because we own the DID, we receive a portion of this fee & share it with you. It really makes sense for high volume centers. There is a minimum qualification 250,000 calls to the USA monthly.

Please reach out with any questions / interest.

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