Have you seen an Color options IP Phone?

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Have you seen an Color options IP Phone?

Posted:Sun 28 of Sep, 2014 (08:44 UTC)
Hi guys,

mostly, people knew IP Phone a lot, it has became a very useful communication tool. You might have used or sell IP Phone now, but once you look back and think"Does the IP Phone is the kind our clients like? Why shouldn't provide them some other colors". Black color is a very standard color, however, people have their own personality, when we buy clothes, even Apply 5C, we knew which color is our type. But why we could not have our own type IP Phone, even i just use it at work?

Fanvil actually have a color IP Phone now, X3, including Black, White, Red, Blue and Yellow. This link website helpful for you to know more features´╝Üwww.fanvil.com

This model would be supplied to Fanvil global distributors very soon, if you are interested in or want to test the X3 demo, please feel free to talk with me.

Email: jason.lin@fanvil.com
skype: jason410410