Become #1 with Speedflow's CallMax Call Shop

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Become #1 with Speedflow's CallMax Call Shop

Posted:Wed 15 of Oct, 2014 (08:40 UTC)
Become #1 with Speedflow's CallMax Call Shop

The CallMax Call Shop module from Speedflow is the holy grail of Call Shop provision. With billing built-in, the intuitive Call Shop platform supports a wide range of calls, be they prepaid, postpaid or cash desk. The user-friendly, all-in-one solution also enables you to create multiple call shops and numerous cabins from a single account. For those looking to widen their customer base, compatibility with IP phones and PC softphones is supremely useful. With all of these features included in CallMax Call Shop, you will never need another product for your Call Chop operations.

Use CallMax Call Shop as a standalone module or include it as part of the newly-updated CallMax platform.

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