GoAntiFraud Service -Welcome the new unique product on the VoIP telephony market

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GoAntiFraud Service -Welcome the new unique product on the VoIP telephony market

Posted:Wed 15 of Oct, 2014 (10:38 UTC)
We are a complete solution, that allows to operate GoIP hardware for simulating human behavior in GSM networks as efficiently as possible.

Counters of calls number and calls duration. Reset counters at any time desirable and set an interval. For example: set counters to zero on the 03.10.2014 at 18:00, and every 24 hours afterwards
Generating incoming calls and real conversations relay into media channel.
Creating sim-groups for generating calls within it to realise favourite numbers.
Road map: simulating sim cards’ changing location. Availability to set the route of sim card move betweem locations (BS) as well as time limits on each of them.
Auto balance check and card blocking according to the minimum balance. Approximate balance calculation on the basis of the minute of conversation cost.
USSD requests automatic sending. USSD response reading. Parse any data from USSD response. Broad functionality to change the system settings automatically basing on USSD response.
Different carriers traffic separation. The ability to change traffic volume, depending on the carrier.
Sending SMS. SMS patterns. Reading the information out of the incoming SMS. Readjustments and automatic settings change according to the text of incoming SMS

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