Asterisk help needed

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Re: Asterisk help needed

Posted:Fri 17 of Oct, 2014 (16:33 UTC)
Please provide some details.

What version of Asterisk?

What version of Ubuntu?

What are you trying to accomplish?

What does the console log show that illustrates your issues?

Another resource to consider (I rarely visit here) is the Asterisk Users (not dev or biz) mailing list. If you choose to post there, please choose a subject more descriptive of what your issue is. Every post could be characterized as 'Asterisk help needed.'

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Asterisk help needed

Posted:Thu 16 of Oct, 2014 (13:13 UTC)

I have installed Asterisk on AWS> the platform is Ubuntu.

DB is running ok

While configuring extension we are running in issues .Please help