Aggressively Selling India & Bd Routes !!!

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Aggressively Selling India & Bd Routes !!!

Posted:Fri 17 of Oct, 2014 (09:23 UTC)
Dear Partners,
Vivitel Offering the following INDIA & BD Cli and Non Cli routes with good quality and capacity.
If you are interested and have live traffic to send please let us know.

Destinations Rate USD Level
India Mobile All 0.0075 Cli
India Mobile All 0.0046 Standard
Bangladesh - Cli 0.0124 Cli
Bangladesh - Non Cli 0.0112 Standard

Please feel free to contact for any query and more details.
We do value our customers and want you to be satisfied. Looking forward for long term business.
Thanks & Regards,
Business Development Executive
Vivitel Communication Inc.
Skype : hira.vivitel
Email : hira.ali@vivitel.com
URL : www.vivitel.net