Double Roller Crusher for Sale in Hongxing

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Double Roller Crusher for Sale in Hongxing

Posted:Mon 20 of Oct, 2014 (05:42 UTC)
Based on the performance of the two kinds of double roller crusher comparison shows that the crushing principle is the Hongxing, but on the structure and technical characteristics have distinguishing feature each, both the capacity and the requirement of the practical is also different, it has a certain guiding significance of how to choose the scene broken. Double roller crusher is mainly used in coal, coke and other hard materials of coarse, medium and fine crushing operation, it has the characteristics of wide adaptability. The viscosity is high, the moisture of the material has good ability to adapt.2 PLF and SSC double roller crusher is two kinds of common double roller crusher, this article of the two double roller crusher performance is compared in detail.

In common: Two kinds of crusher in structure and of different processing, but have a dual efficacy of crushing, grading, can strictly guarantee the product particle size, and can realize before crushing rate is very low, the product granularity is adjustable, and equipped with protection device is stable and reliable mechanical and automatic control, has little vibration, low noise and little dust, etc. The difference: a. in the aspects of overload protection:

2 PLF type double roller crusher is equipped with a safety pin overload protection device, when there is a large piece of hard material or iron into the crushing chamber, the safety pin is cut off, thereby preventing shaft damage caused by too much torque. SSC type double roller crusher is in overload occurs, the rise of temperature of the coupler will increase, melt fusible plug, make the motor idling, so as to protect the crusher. b. in terms of capacity, the capacity of 2 PLF type crusher is relatively low, the grain-size is low.