Reducing the Double Roller Crusher Dust

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Reducing the Double Roller Crusher Dust

Posted:Mon 20 of Oct, 2014 (05:42 UTC)
Double roller crusher fault machine and accessories, not only affects normal dust, but also increase the workload of equipment maintenance. Statistics from equipment maintenance, poor quality of spare parts is an important equipment of the cause of the problem. Double roller crusher broken material when humidity (wet after the rain or material), enter the precipitator dust particles broken dry material thickness, is easy to paste bag, bag filter feeder blockage, cause the loss of bag filter ventilation increased resistance, ventilation, dust.

In the process of land for the material of belt conveyor, the material and air into the seal dust cover, dust diffusion through the cover of the wall cracks and holes to the cover, the environmental pollution. In addition, the dust point set right Angle belt conveyor, dust catcher of open and stop at the lower of the belt conveyor´╝îwhich have little impact in the dust. Therefore, from the crusher, vacuum cleaner will not run, the belt conveyor has been in the dust.

In order to reduce the air leakage of breaking caused by dust, in the actual production, when the material is often dry, the entrance of the crusher pouring water filter bag paste results bag filter and feeder blockage. Pipe of dust precipitator, the entry bend system resistance increases, dust bend parts easy to wear and jam. Under the screw conveyor and grid dust, bag dust collector conveying power consumption increased, mechanical maintenance workload increase; Often need to delete the grid circular machine, with the passage of time, the feed hopper flange leakage, increase the air leakage.

Bag filter are intermittent filter bag filter, in normal work, Because of leak air grille, wheel is also a problem that is not allow to ignore. Bag filter in the filter area selection is too small, the actual number of ventilation, crusher dirt masks, crushing cavity forming negative pressure, lead to position the dust in the larger environment. Double roller crusher dust in daily use, has always been an impact crusher production efficiency,we should pay attention to maintenance and inspection.