Cloud Telephony Management System (CTMS) Free Trail

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Cloud Telephony Management System (CTMS) Free Trail

Posted:Mon 03 of Nov, 2014 (09:14 UTC)
Q: Who Can Get Free Trail?
A: Any company who has more than three(3) branches or offices in multiple places.
Q: How to Get Free Trail?
A: Please follow the steps as below:
1. Download the CTN firmware ( from download center of ZYCOO official web.
2. Unzip the package and Upgrade your CooVox IP PBX to node mode with the CTN firmware; refer to the CTN manual and configure.
3. Download the latest CTMC firmware (CTMC_Install_Package.iso from download center of ZYCOO official web.
4. Refer to the CTMC user manual to install the CTMC system to the server which meets the installation requirement; Operate and configure the CTMC.
Remark: The CTMC system support 3 nodes by default; if you need more nodes, please apply the license and we will provide the license freely till the validation date.

What is CTMS?
CTMS:abbreviation of Cloud Telephony Management System, is the perfect solution. CTMS consists of three parts: CTMC+ CTN+ IP Phone.

CTMC: (Cloud Telephony Management Center) is a network node management center which has been independently developed by ZYCOO, and can be utilized by VoIP service providers and enterprises users to manage multiple CooVox CTNs (Cloud Telephony Nodes). CTMC provides a multitude of features for CTN including auto-provision, software/firmware upgrade management, status/performance monitoring, warning log diagnosis etc. CMTC is a powerful solution that delivers the features and functionality required to manage and maintain a highly dispersed telephony environment through the use of a single centralized management system.

CTN: (Cloud Telephony Node) is the node of cloud telephony management system and handling the switch of telephony communication. ZYCOO CooVox series IP PBX can be taken as the node after upgrading. CTN is allowed for branch’s administrator to configure the local network connections.

IP Phone:which support SIP protocol can be used in CTMS; especially the phones support auto-provision with ZYCOO CooVox Series IP PBX; all the phones located in different CTN are allowed to be auto-provisioned via CTMC directly.

Benefits & Features:
-Centralized configuration and upgrading of CTNs
-Monitor system information, configuration and service status
-View and backup of system log, operation log and call log
-Manage multi-service and user groups based on template
-Manage configuration for individual or multiple devices based on user groups
-Flexible upgrading control strategy allowing for convenient software and firmware upgrades
-Based on TR069 protocol, allowing nodes to pass through private networks
-Adopting B/S managing mode to achieve multi-language GUI, humanized management process, and easy operation
-Based on Linux which ensures the device is secure and reliable
-Password change supported and license authentication available

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