Cisco 7961G unable to dial more than 10 digits

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Cisco 7961G unable to dial more than 10 digits

Posted:Wed 05 of Nov, 2014 (14:00 UTC)
We have a single Cisco 7961G here in our office that seems to work fine. We've got it registering with Asterisk, making and receiving calls, etc.. The only problem is that the phone refuses to dial any number that is over 10 digits!

As soon as 10 digits are entered (either by picking up the handset and dialling, or when the phone dials after entering the number with the handset down and pressing "Dial"), the phone immediately sends the first 10 digits to Asterisk. It continues dialling the rest of the number (in the second case - handset down, dial button), but it has already sent the number to Asterisk so it's "too late."

I've stripped down the dialplan.xml to the absolute simplest I can make it, but it's still doing this:

<TEMPLATE MATCH="1.." Timeout="2" />
<TEMPLATE MATCH="*" Timeout="5" />

Has anybody here run into this issue before?