Need phone that will do ip call transfer

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Re: Need phone that will do ip call transfer

Posted:Sat 29 of Nov, 2014 (04:44 UTC)
Hi Weaver4! You can use the VoIP phone systems by provided by Folkerson Communications, Ltd. IO have been using their phone systems for many years and never faced any problem.
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Need phone that will do ip call transfer

Posted:Mon 10 of Nov, 2014 (15:18 UTC)
I am writing some software to support a sip complaint device. I am having some issues testing the REFER Message. The 3cx PBX eats the command and it never gets forwarded to the product.

So what I need is a SIP phone that will allow me to transfer a call directly to an IP address. So I want to make a Direct-IP-Call to the SIP Phone, then transfer the call to another SIP Phone via and IP address. The grandstream phones that we have only allow transfers to extension numbers not IP addresses. These phones won't even allow us to put an IP address in a person's contact info.

Can someone recommend a SIP Phone that will do this feature?