Anti Blocking Mobile Dialer and PC Dialer !!!

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Anti Blocking Mobile Dialer and PC Dialer !!!

Posted:Thu 20 of Nov, 2014 (09:33 UTC)
Dear Sir,

Adore Softphone release , Anti-block Mobile Dialer and PC Dialer allows the user to make VOIP calls successfully where VoIP traffic is banned ( Like : UAE, Oman, Quatar, Pakistan etc. ).

Based on VPN Tunneling technology, Our Dialers delivers outstanding connectivity and clear sound quality even when the bandwidth is very low or is restricted. The VPN tunnel reduces bandwidth consumption by up to 70% (approx) at the originating end, thereby ensuring smooth and quick transfer of data as well as calls alike. The solutions by Adore are based on latest VPN servers and are universally compatible with a wide range of internet enabled devices say Android, iPhone & PC.

For more Information and demo, Please contact me at : , Skype ID : banoj100 .