Voip termination needed for major destionation ..

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Voip termination needed for major destionation ..

Posted:Sat 22 of Nov, 2014 (14:44 UTC)
Hello! me Barry Stout
>Company Name:
UK Voice Call Ltd.
>A registered company of United Kingdom.
>we are Wholesale.
>Most of the destination's traffic are available.

Mexico Mobile -------40k perday
South Korea Mobile---40k perday
Sudan Mobile------40 k perday
Taiwan Mobile----20k perday
UK - Mobile------40k perday
Cameroon Mobile---20 to 30k perday
Colombia - Medellin--30k perday
Egypt - Mobile---20k perday
El Salvador Mobile Telemovil-40k perday
Guatemala Mobile Comcel--30k perday
Vietnam all---30 to 40 k perday
Thailand - all---40k perday
Poland Mobile Orange--20k perday
Philippines Mobile-20 ot 40k perday
Paraguay - Mobile---20k perday
Afghanistan Mobile-20 to 30k perday
Nepal - Mobile----15 to 20 k perday
Azerbaijan Mobile--10 to 15k perday
Colombia - Pereira-----15k perday
Zimbabwe Econet--10 to 15k perday
Yemen all--------------30k perday
Jamaica mob------------30k perday
Algeria Mob------15 to 20k perday

Only Serious Provider Please Contact With Me !!!!!!!

Thanks & Regards
Barry Stout
Email: sales4@uk-voicecall.com
Skype: barry_uvc
Web: www.uk-voicecall.com