Dedicated server with Unix(Linux) Opertaing System

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Dedicated server with Unix(Linux) Opertaing System

Posted:Thu 27 of Nov, 2014 (04:27 UTC)
OS Tips is offering 100% dedicated servers with Unix(Linux) Operating System.

Linux Dedicated Servers
The increasing popularity of the Linux operating system has made this platform an excellent choice for dedicated server hosting. In fact, it is currently the most widely used server operating system in the world and the first choice for running a variety of web servers, applications, databases and services.
Colocation America offers Linux dedicated servers finely tuned to satisfy the needs of your growing business. Powered by a top tier colocation facility and extensive network of more than 200 leading bandwidth carriers, our solutions are customized to deliver all the reliability, unmatched security, and cost-efficiency Linux has to offer.
A Server that Perfectly Meets Your Needs
Linux is one of the most flexible operating systems on the market today. Colocation America extends this flexibility by allowing you to build your dedicated server to your liking. This means that you can install your own web services and applications, programming languages, analytic tools, and the security mechanisms that provide the best level of protection for your business.
Made to thrive in the networking and internet environment, Linux allows you to harness the true power of the underlying hardware and get the most out of your investment.
Peace of Mind with Dedicated Support
Although managing a Linux dedicated server is often more complex than other platforms, our team of professionals is here to lend a hand by providing highly responsive support. We have a staff of trained experts in both our colocation hosting facility and office locations to deliver the personalized care you need to feel comfortable with your server. While there are many solutions available on the market, Linux provides the stability and performance that gives your company the best results possible.
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