VoIP solutions for Empathy App?

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VoIP solutions for Empathy App?

Posted:Sun 07 of Dec, 2014 (18:37 UTC)
Hi all, my name is Tord, i'm from Gothenburg in Sweden and i'm trying to help the people at empathyapp.org finding technical/communcation solutions

The idea is that multiple people (empathizers) can be called via a web page, and that presence information is shown for each of the empathizers (dynamically so that there's no risk of getting a busy signal/tone). Here are two examples (from very different areas but it illustrates what we are after):

I've looked around and found
who has a simple jquery API we can use. However when i asked about how to deal with the dynamic presence info they said that we needed to write and store the presence information in a database on our own web server. Unforturnately I don't have any experience of server side programming/scripting. Another drawback of Phono is that while it is cost-free initially there is a cost later on for getting stable traffic through their "tropo cloud"

Because of these two drawbacks i was wondering if there are any other better solutions for our needs, or in other words if there are solutions that on the one hand make it easier to deal with presence information, and that on the other hand do not rely on something like the "tropo cloud"

Any help is really appreciated!

Kind Regards,