Speedflow's CallMax: the #1 IP PBX Solution

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Speedflow's CallMax: the #1 IP PBX Solution

Posted:Mon 08 of Dec, 2014 (18:39 UTC)
Quality is the foundation of any service, and with IP PBX systems, Speedflow leads the way. When your customers demand only the best, the hosted CallMax PBX platform makes it a reality.

Simplicity, flexibility and functionality are at the centre of CallMax IP PBX. Its Linux-based web interface was designed with user-friendliness in mind. Flexibility comes from support for an unlimited number of PBX accounts & extensions and also compatibility with various payment processing systems. Lastly, the multitude of functions means you will never need another product; features of the platform include group calls management
, voicemail to email service, extended calls forwarding options and IVR/DID support as standard.

The CallMax IP PBX system can be used as a standalone product or as a module of the comprehensive CallMax portfolio.

Get more information about the CallMax IP PBX by contacting us at software@speedflow.com