RCA IP610s Handset Unlocking help needed

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Re: RCA IP610s Handset Unlocking help needed

Posted:Wed 24 of Dec, 2014 (06:24 UTC)
So it turns out that I may have wandered into an undocumented area of the firmware. This version DOES work with any provider, it just takes an extra step.

It would seem that is one little very important setting that only seems to appear in the S version of the firmware when you select Generic SIP instead of Broadview, and ONLY after you save your profile, power cycle the device, and then edit the profile again.
This is a simple enable / disable dropdown that defaults to disable.
It would seem that this needs to be done with the handset powered off (batteries removed) to do this — but the handset MUST be registered to the base first, otherwise it can not be selected....
Once this is done more handsets can be added without any extra steps — and the SIP profile will auto apply to the add on handsets as well.
If you look at the manual on the rca4business website for the IP160 (click on phones for other providers, then then cordless unit, then support) this option is shown on page 4 of that manual.
I did NOT see it in the IP160s manual NOR in the web interface its self until I somehow accidentally figured out how to make it appear as described above..

Once it appeared and i changed it to enabled and saved it again I was able to go to handsets and select the profile I made and apply it to the handset..

This seems to be the work around for these units..

Hopefully this will help someone...
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RCA IP610s Handset Unlocking help needed

Posted:Tue 23 of Dec, 2014 (16:08 UTC)
Hi all,

Can anyone help me with an RCA/Telefield IP160s (base) / IP060s(Handset)?
This is a Dect 6.0 cordless VOIP phone system. Basically a cordless phone that uses a VOIP line rather than a standard telco line..

I bought it to use with Callcentric (my preferred provider), however, it would seem that while the base unit will let me configure SIP settings however I like, the hand set will not accept anything but a broadview profile..
For those that don't know, Broadview is RCA's prefered provider.
Your choices on this unit are Generic SIP and Broadview.
When you choose Generic SIP you can configure the BASE anyway you like
BUT when you try to set up the handset (system menu, select handset) the dropdown to select a SIP profile is blank..

You are also supposed to be able to program a SIP profile from the handset — but when I try to do that all of the profiles are marked disabled and will not allow me to change them - even with the admin password..

Does anyone know how to unlock the handset OR where I can get the generic Telefield firmware for the handset (IP060, non S version)?
I have the admin password for both the base and the handset, but that doesn't unlock the sip profile selection for the handset.. It does allow firmware upload however..


Note: PLEASE do not waste time posting how to config this thing — I know how to config this thing...
-I am asking for help with unlocking the handset NOT config...