VOIP via Mac Mini

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Re: VOIP via Mac Mini

Posted:Sat 17 of Oct, 2015 (11:56 UTC)
Simple! Consult some professionals and ask for its feasibility.
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VOIP via Mac Mini

Posted:Sat 27 of Dec, 2014 (13:15 UTC)
I currently have a VOIP provider, with the a OBIHAI 110 box that provides analog signal throughout my house. I also have a Mac Mini that is on 24/7 to run my home automation, media server, security system, etc. I would like to reduce the number of devices in my server cage by having the Mac Mini provide the VOIP service. I know I can download Asterisk and run it on the Mac Mini, but how do I get an analog signal out of the computer to my home telephone distribution system? I do not know much about VOIP - not interested in becoming an expert - but I am tech savvy. I guess what I'm looking for is a telephony card that is compatible with a Mac Mini as well as the software solution that will drive it all. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.