make call transfer using gateways with avaya extensions

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Hello !

My name is Alex Nyman, I saw your post on the forum, and decided that you may be interested in the next product.

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Simulation of human behavior in GSM networks;
Banding SIM cards in groups to imitate calls on ‘favorite numbers’;
Implementation of daily and weekly cycles of human behavior;
Wide call routing functionality.

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make call transfer using gateways with avaya extensions

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Hi I did this configuration, extending lines with granstream gateways
using GXW4108 for my pbx line on the local site and for my remote site used a GXW4008


Profile 1
• SIP Server - Set to IP Address of GXW410x
• SIP Registration - No
• Outgoing Call without Registration - Yes
• NAT traversal – No
Advanced Settings
• STUN Server - Blank

Advanced Settings
• STUN Server – Blank
• Use Random Port – No
FXO lines
• Wait for Dial Tone - Y or N (whichever suits your FXO lines)
• Stage Method - 1
• Channel Dialing to VoIP  Unconditional
call forward: User ID: ch1-8:123;
SIP Server: ch1-8:p1;
SIP Destination Port: ch1-8:5060++;
Number of Rings Before Pickup: ch1-8:4;
• Channel - 1
• SIP User ID - 5060
• Profile ID - Profile 1
• Local SIP Listen port - 5060++
Profile 1
• SIP Server - Set it to IP Address of GXW400x
• SIP Registration - No
• NAT traversal - No

Configure the following settings for each of the devices using the Grandstream Web Configuration pages for each

the comunications it's working great (voice for talking), my problem is that when user reveive a call and he wants to transfer to another extension or transfer the call to another external line hang out the phone.
The PBX it's an avaya IP406 Office, I don't know if avaya use some protocol to transfer calls, can anyone help to make it work.