asterisk calls problem

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asterisk calls problem

Posted:Sun 18 of Jan, 2015 (20:25 UTC)

I am stack for about a week and I can't find a solution.

I want to set up a telephony system based on Asterisk. I've installed Asterisk 12 in a CentOS7 server.

1. I've created sip users, I can register using softphones, I can make a call, it is ringing but when answering seems like OK, but the softphone caller is still calling and asterisk is not showing that the receiver answers the call, and after a while the call is done. what could be the problem?

I tried creating users via AsteriskGui (i though I have pbs in my configurations) but same thing.

2. How to connect an IP phone to Asterisk? what configurations are needed? (like host=some ip address, or ...)? how to push the IP phone to register to Asterisk?

3. Do I need a digium card if I will be using just IP and soft phones (no analog phones)?
Please need help!