Is this possible? (a provider in Sydney?)

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Re: Is this possible? (a provider in Sydney?)

Posted:Fri 16 of Oct, 2015 (11:49 UTC)
you can get the same number ported to another service provider. But choose cautiously. You'll need some research to check the authentication of the provider.
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Is this possible? (a provider in Sydney?)

Posted:Mon 19 of Jan, 2015 (15:02 UTC)

I hope this is the right place to ask these questions:

1. I have an existing Sydney (Australia) number that I want to keep (I have moved to the country NSW for a while) and, ideally, for this number I would like to:

a) have all incoming calls converted in to WAV or other audio files and emailed to me so I can return the calls or:
b) have the incoming calls recorded as voice mail that I can log into periodically and retrieve

Currently the phone number is with iiNet but all they can do is offer an expensive voice mail solution - is it possible to transfer this number to a commercial VOIP provider who can do what I want above inexpensively (eg ~$10/m)?

2. If 1. is possible, do people have suggestions about a Sydney based provider who can do the job?