Doorphone with Polycom / Edgemarc system

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Re: Doorphone with Polycom / Edgemarc system

Posted:Tue 07 of Apr, 2015 (01:02 UTC)
Hey there, cyberdata would be a good choice here. They make SIP door phones and are certified by Alteva. They are also certified by Toshiba. Was it internal or external door phone ? If you was looking to trigger/open the door from the IP Phone, it just needs to be set to send DTMF signals in out of band RFC 2833
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Doorphone with Polycom / Edgemarc system

Posted:Mon 19 of Jan, 2015 (15:44 UTC)
We just had a new VOIP system installed from Alteva, that uses an Edgewater EdgeMarc 4550 SBC and Polycom VVX 500 phones. Alteva was unable to accommodate our 2 doorphones, and has no suggestions for replacing them with VOIP-compatible equipment. The previous Toshiba Strata system used two Toshiba DDCB3A Digital Door Phone Control Boxes, and we could speak with the door phones and buzz the door open from the Toshiba phones. Can anyone provide guidance about doorphone equipment that might work with our new system, or that will convert the DDCB3A to be compatible?