Speedflow Presents the MediaCore SMS Solution

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Speedflow Presents the MediaCore SMS Solution

Posted:Mon 02 of Feb, 2015 (15:31 UTC)
Speedflow has launched a high quality solution for SMS Services. Consisting of SMS Switching, SMS Routing, and SMS Billing modules, the fully-featured solution is perfect for telecom carriers and VoIP companies

Designed to be convenient and easy to use, the MediaCore SMS comes with a user-friendly intuitive web interface, business analytics tools, and clear in-depth tables and charts. Speedflow provides professional 24/7 technical support, software updates, trainings and hardware consultations. For added convenience, all price packages offer an unlimited number of SMS; available plans are based only on the number of SMS sessions.

Choose Speedflow's SMS Solution today as a standalone product or as an integrated part of the Class 4 MediaCore solution.

To learn more contact us at: software@speedflow.com