Huge traffic for the mentioned Latin American Destinations/Routes

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Huge traffic for the mentioned Latin American Destinations/Routes

Posted:Tue 03 of Feb, 2015 (06:06 UTC)
Dear Valued Provider

Tele2call LLC established and registered in USA.This company is formed to develop the communication industries with its own unique technical skills and customer service quality. Tele2call LLC Deal with A-Z termination and origination.Tele2call is the global voice service provider in both retail and wholesale telecommunication sectors.
we are looking quality,stable and direct non cli routes. we have huge live traffic for A to Z non cli route.

Huge traffic for below mention Latin American Destinations/Routes:

1.Brazil 2. Mexico 3. Colombia 4. Argentina 5. Peru 6. Venezuela 7. Chile 8. Guatemala 9. Ecuador 10. Cuba 11. Dominican Republic 12. Honduras 13. Paraguay 14. Nicaragua 15. El Salvador 16. Costa Rica 17. Panama 18. Uruguay.

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Eric Scofield
Business development manager
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