Awesome TRAFFIC per day waits for ROUTES provider

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Awesome TRAFFIC per day waits for ROUTES provider

Posted:Sun 01 of Mar, 2015 (12:41 UTC)
Hello Dear Provider,
UK VOICE CALL LTD is a fast developing prominent VoIP service solution provider located in UK. It has the global reputation to deal with A - Z termination. If you have VOIP direct quality routes please let us know, we have A-Z traffic to send your routes.

URGENTLY required ROUTES for our following initial DAILY BULK LIVE TRAFFIC:

  • Tunisia Mobile @ 30k
  • Serbia Telenor Mobile @ 40k
  • Mali Mobile @ 46k
  • Gambia Proper & Mobile @ 55k
  • Ghana MTN Mobile @ 45k
  • Algeria Orascom Mobile @ 32k
  • Algeria Mobile Wataniya @ 30k
  • Morocco Mobile @ 35k
  • Oman Mobile @ 15k
  • Libya Mobile @ 20k
  • Kuwait mobile Wataniya/Viva @ 45k
  • Kuwait mobile Zain @ 50k
  • Iran Mobile @ 55k
  • Ethiopia all @ 35k
  • Guinea Mobile all @ 20k
  • Guayana Mobile Digicell@ 17k
  • Indonesia Mobile EXCELCOM @ 35k
  • Jamaica Mobile Digicell @ 25k
  • Libya Mobile all @ 23k
  • Philippine Mobile GLOBE @ 130k
  • Philippine Mobile SMART @ 120k
  • UAE Mobile all @ 27k

Get hurry to contact with us and reply back with Rate, ASR, ACD, Billing terms and
other requirements.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Early response will be highly appreciated.

Best regards,

Barry Stout
Skype: barry_uvc