Asterisk Call Transfer to Analog Phone

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Asterisk Call Transfer to Analog Phone

Posted:Mon 02 of Mar, 2015 (07:57 UTC)
Hello Asterisk Pros,

We have an IVR setup here in our office that we've been working on lately. We have dial plan that is working fine, we have 1 PRI line connected to our Server (FXM8aPCI card) coming from PABX, also there are 4 analog phones connected with PABX to transfer the calls to sales/support service, we dont have SIP! only analog phone.

Right now when we use Dial() method to trasnfer the calls to analog phone, like this:


it would return an error called "Cause 17 - user busy", channel 1 is the channel on which user currently is on and listening to IVR menu, how do we just transfer the line? when we use Transfer(DAHDI/1/106) it doesn't work!

to check this error, we plugged in another line in another channel #2, coming from pabx aswell, now when we did this:

Dial(DAHDI/3/106) it works, but then again it takes up the channel, as if another user calls and press 0 to go to extension 106, it says Cause 17 user busy.

One last issue is when the call is picked up from extension #106 we only listen a loud noise like "someone is blowing an air in the receiver!".

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