Become an Industry Leader with Speedflow's SMS Solution

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Become an Industry Leader with Speedflow's SMS Solution

Posted:Mon 09 of Mar, 2015 (12:22 UTC)
Speedflow recently released its first standalone SMS solution for SMS transit services and we're already receiving great feedback. Our customers are telling us how the Solution has increased their efficiency, reliability and profitability and the sane could happen for you.

Consisting of SMS Switching, SMS Routing, and SMS Billing modules, MediaCore SMS also comes with a user-friendly intuitive web interface, business analytics tools, and clear in-depth tables and charts. Stay in touch with your business flow at all times with a platform designed to be as simple to use as possible.

Make the right choice today and choose the SMS Solution as the foundation of your business. The Solution can be used as a standalone product - all price packages offer an unlimited number of SMS - or as an integrated part of the Class 4 MediaCore platform.