Speedflow's CallMax: the IP PBX Solution that Delivers Success

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Speedflow's CallMax: the IP PBX Solution that Delivers Success

Posted:Mon 16 of Mar, 2015 (11:06 UTC)
If you want the #1 solution for your IP PBX needs, look no further than Speedflow's CallMax. We have developed a high-quality and reliable IP PBX system for those looking to expand their company. CallMax has been designed to be your user-friendly yet powerful tool.

CallMax combines simplicity, flexibility and functionality to make it the most effective platform for users and customers alike. The user-friendly web interface is incredibly convenient and easy to use, ensuring positive user experiences. To support your target of stress-free growth, an unlimited number of PBX accounts & extensions can be achieved. In addition, the system is also compatible with a variety of different payment processing systems. We've also included group calls management, voicemail to email service, extended calls forwarding options and IVR/DID support as standard, making CallMax your all-in-one IP PBX solution.

Make the right choice today and choose CallMax to be your IP PBX service provider.

The CallMax IP PBX system can be used as a standalone product or as part of the larger CallMax suite.

Get more information about CallMax IP PBX by contacting us at software@speedflow.com