PW Carrier LLC looking For below destinations

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PW Carrier LLC looking For below destinations

Posted:Thu 02 of Apr, 2015 (10:00 UTC)
Hello Providers;

This is Micheal Bond from PW Carrier LLC, where I’m a Sales Manager.

We can pay for those routes. In addition we've traffic to almost ALL International destinations. Any good working route with a competitive rate would work. If you need any routes you can also ask for it.

All destination should have cli/non cli categories, stable with huge capacity:

Afghanistan All
China CC Cli for mobile (Dual dtmf)
China CC Cli for proper (Dual dtmf)
Cuba Non CLI
Bangladesh All
Ivory Coast-cellular Comiun
Sri Lanka-proper
Taiwan-cellular CHT
Costa Rica-cellular Movistar
Jordan-cellular Umniah
Indonesia-cellular Excelcomindo
Colombia-cellular OLA
Jamaica-cellular Centennial

If you think you can provide anyone of them please get me in touch in skype: You can share your TOP Working offer rate as well as your target rate too.

Feel free to communicate with us. For more details please contact
msn/mail :
Skype :

Thank you.