Choose CallMax Solution for Call Shop Success

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Choose CallMax Solution for Call Shop Success

Posted:Mon 06 of Apr, 2015 (18:32 UTC)
Migrate your Call Shop service provision to Speedflow's CallMax for a more robust, reliable and convenient platform. By making your service provision easy, profitable and efficient, CallMax will expand your business, provide higher-quality services, and please your customers.

Take the confusion out of invoicing and give yourself peace of mind with the built-in billing function. Use CallMax to supports all call types (prepaid, postpaid or cash desk) and work with IP phones and PC softphones. Also, create multiple call shops and numerous cabins from a single account. CallMax is your all-in-one Call Shop Solution.

Use the CallMax Call Shop module as a separate standalone product or as part of the larger CallMax Class 5 platform.

Choose the #1 Call Shop Solution today with Speedflow.

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