Wanna earn in VoIP? We offer VoIP software, support, consulting, trainings

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Wanna earn in VoIP? We offer VoIP software, support, consulting, trainings

Posted:Wed 22 of Apr, 2015 (14:26 UTC)

Do you want to start VoIP biz? Or you already run and want to expand? Want to upgrade or get a new solution at a minimal cost?

I’m already a decade in this business, have a team of professional engineers, able to execute almost any project for you:
- Calling cards,
- Pc-to-Phone,
- Callback (ANI, DID, PIN, Web, SMS),
- VoIP Termination,
- Virtual office,
- Callshop,
- SMS Content Distribution,
- Hosted solutions,
- DID management and numbers distribution,
- Predictive dialing,
- Wholesale VoIP

I have all high branded scalable and reliable software solutions available at the market, all new versions: MVTS II 1.4.1-60, MVTS 3.1.4 + SIP HIT, MVTS Pro 1.5.5, Portaone Billing, SIP, UM MR21, VoipSwitch, Voicemaster 8.0, Sysmaster 3.0.5, VOS3000, MOR10 and many others.

I’m not only selling, I provide full service starting with installation and tech support and never end long lasting relationship with my customers. Let me find the most appropriate for your project solution, as I know all the features of every software, know not only advantages praised on websites, but also bugs and real customer’s feedback.

Affordable prices, quick problem resolving, professional attitude! If you don’t have budget to pay full amount at once I can you offer leased payment terms; you may rent software together with the server at collocation and pay from only $500 per month.

Feel always free to contact me directly, my e-mail: voip.skystar(at)gmail.com
Skype: voip_consultant

Please mention your location and briefly describe your business model, requirements to the features and budget limits if any when contacting me for detailed information about the products, solutions and pricing. I’ll do my best to find the most appropriate for you solution within your demands and budget.

Kind regards,