Provisioning Polycom phones

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Provisioning Polycom phones

Posted:Wed 22 of Apr, 2015 (15:31 UTC)
Is there a way to change the provisioning server settings via config file?
The default provisioning server configuration of vvx300 is ftp and option160+66. What I am trying to do is use option 66 via tftp to upload a config file that will change the provisioning server settings of the vvx300 to http + option 160 with a http username and password.

My goal is not to manually change the default settings of the vvx300 phones (I will be doing mass provisioning) and use the config files to do the changes for me via tftp. The provisioning server is set to http (which I cannot change due to company policy) with username and password for the phones to download the correct tags and firmware.