Good IP to IP termination providers...!!!

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Good IP to IP termination providers...!!!

Posted:Tue 28 of Apr, 2015 (06:38 UTC)
Make deal with some experienced in the VoIP field.

We have routes in Afghanistan(cli), Laos(cli), China(cli), Thailand(cl i& ncli), Iran(cl i& ncli), Turkey(cli), Ethiopia(ncli), Kuwait(cli), Saudi Arabia(cli), UAE(cli), BD(cli & ncli), Pak(cli & ncli), India(cli), Egypt(ncli), Srilanka(cli), Nepal(cli), Indonesia(cli), Philippines(cli), Nigeria(cli), Vietnam(cli) & Malaysia(cli).

We provide free test to those above mentioned destinations.

Aggressive rates available for prepay users.

Feel free to contact:
Siddharth Siddhu
Skype: sid.siddhu4
Yahoo mail:
Mobile: +918301043385