MediaCore: the High-Quality Wholesale Softswitch

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MediaCore: the High-Quality Wholesale Softswitch

Posted:Wed 06 of May, 2015 (08:23 UTC)
MediaCore: the High-Quality Wholesale Softswitch

For all carrier needs, Speedflow presents the MediaCore. An all-in-one solution that combines switching, billing, transcoding, a revenue assurance system and SMS module, the MediaCore can channel all your services through a single platform.

The reliable integrated billing will simplify your invoicing processes, and the Guardian Revenue Assurance system will help secure your company's long-term competitiveness. For keeping in touch with your business while on the move, the MediaCore comes with a flexible responsive interface. Combined with a detailed report generation feature, mapping, and extensive statistical visualisation, you'll always know how your business is flowing, quickly and conveniently.

Take advantage of the MediaCore's many benefits today and migrate your VoIP services. For more information, contact us at software@speedflow.com