Y3M IS Looking For NONCLI Route To>Albania Vodafone>Nigeria Mtn>IvoryCoast Mtn>Uganda

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Y3M IS Looking For NONCLI Route To>Albania Vodafone>Nigeria Mtn>IvoryCoast Mtn>Uganda

Posted:Wed 20 of May, 2015 (09:23 UTC)
Dear Valued Provider

Warm Greetings From Y3M Connection Ltd.Y3M Connection Ltd Established under, Companies Act 1996 in England & Wales by young entrepreneurs with proven track records within telecommunication sector. The vision of Y3M is to provide quality International Gateway Connectivity on the basis of “Say Yes, 3 Dimension-Supply, Support & Multilingual VOIP Telecommunication Solutions”.

We deal with both origination and termination. Currently we are mainly concentrating on wholesale/direct terminations.

We are looking Below stable NON CLI routes to push millions of live traffic daily

• Afghanistan>>>100k
•Albania Vodafone>>>>90k
• Algeria Wataniya >>>80k
• Bangladesh >>>60k
• Burkina Faso >>>80k
• Bahrain mobile all>>>30k
• Cuba >>>35k
• Dominican Republic Congo>>>60k
• Ecuador Porta>>>35k
• Gambia >>>50k
• Ghana >>>50k
• Georgia>>>60k
• Guatemala Comcell >>>40K
• Guyana Proper>>>30k
• Haiti>>>50k
• Indonesia >>>1000k
• Iran >>>40k
• India >>>120k
• Ivory cost Mobile MTN
• Jordan >>>35k
• Kuwait >>>70k
• Kenya mobile all>>>35k
• Lebanon >>>45k
• Libya >>>35k
• Mali >>>55k
• Malaysia >>>120k
• Moldova >>>40k
• Monaco KFOR>>>200k
• Morocco >>>80k
• Nicaragua>>>70k
• Nigeria >>>45k
• Pakistan >>>80k
• Philippines Globe >>>60k
• Philippines smart >>>75k
• Romania Orange >>>100k
• Saudi Arabia >>>100k
• Senegal >>>100k
• Slovenia>>>40k
• Somalia >>>100k
• Sudan >>>300k
• Tunisia >>>80k
• Ukraine>>>60k
• Uganda MTN>>>60k
• Yemen all>>>55k
• Zimbabwe Econe>>>65k

Get hurry to contact with us and reply us with Rate, ASR, ACD, Billing terms and other requirements. We are looking forward to hearing from you.Your Early response will be highly appreciated.

Thanking You
Melvin Rios
Executive Sales Operations
Skype: melvin.rios.y3m
Company Number: 09276486
5a, Brook Street, Macclesfield, Manchester, SK11 7AA, ENGLAND
Office Phone: +44(0)1625 800022