Vos3000 /MVTS mera ii /MVTS pro ready to use !!! 5000cc !!!

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Vos3000 /MVTS mera ii /MVTS pro ready to use !!! 5000cc !!!

Posted:Sun 14 of Jun, 2015 (00:03 UTC)


Now days we getting lot of complain from our valuable client about vos3000 again gose down?
They buy cheap price vos3000 from someone, they got cheap price and install vos3000 without CGI protection.

We like to inform you that , any crack vos3000 must go down once .even you make patch for vos or apply any things .

Theres no chance to protection your vos unless you have latest linux version English cgi .
• CGI help you from your ip track
• CGI help you from hack
• CGI help you any time change port & pin
• CGI help you any time change time zone
• CGI protect your manager from unknown hit and vos offline

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