Take look in our present traffic status for A to Z..

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Take look in our present traffic status for A to Z..

Posted:Thu 25 of Jun, 2015 (08:48 UTC)
UK VOICE CALL LTD. has grown to become the leading VoIP service provider in United Kingdom with a growing share of the global pure-play VoIP market. Through its strong technological capabilities and extensive distribution network, UK VOICE CALL LTD. brings high-quality voice communication services to carriers, enterprises, service providers, and consumers with its wide range of service offerings.
UK VOICE CALL LTD. has made good deal in market with A to Z wholesale and retails with customers and partners throughout the world, UK VOICE CALL LTD. builds and maintains telecommunication networks that provide Voice and Data services in a converged technology environment.

Look at our traffic volume per day..

Saudi mobile------50k perday
kuwait Zain--------80k perday
India all----- 200k perday
Mexico Mobile -------50k perday
Sudan Mobile------40 k perday
Taiwan Mobile----40k perday
Cameroon MTN----- 40k perday
Cameroon Orrange--30k perday
Colombia - Medellin--30k perday
Egypt - Mobile---20k perday
Guatemala Mobile Comcel--30k perday
Vietnam all-----60 k perday
Thailand - all---200k perday
Poland Mobile Orange--20k perday
Philippine Smart---50k perday
Philippine Globe----100k perday
Afghanistan Mobile-20 to 30k perday
Nepal - Mobile----30k perday
UAE mobile--------30k perday
Zimbabwe Econet--10 to 15k perday
Yemen all--------------50k perday
Jamaica mob------------40k perday
Algeria Mob------20 to 20k perday
Gambia Mobile-----20k perday
Libya mob----------20k perday
Togo Mobile----------20k perday
Afghanistan mobile----50k perday
Cuba all-----50k perday
Morocco mobile---25k perday
Senegal mob---30k perday

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