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Posted:Mon 06 of Jul, 2015 (18:22 UTC)
We use to do that exact same service to Ghana and Ivory Coast since the rates were so high there was actually margin that could be made. We mostly grey routed the calls as quality was not as much of an issue especially for Ghana as the internet connects there are pretty good in the larger cities. When we were not grey routing the calls, the larger players such as Vox Beam or IPSmarx would good quality and decent pricing. Usually you could get terms on payment as well. Skype killed our business there as the termination rate is so high, people are willing to take lower quality and use Skpye.
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Create calling service

Posted:Thu 02 of Jul, 2015 (17:01 UTC)
I would like to set up an international calling service to west africa .
What are the best dealers ?