Cisco cordless unified model for home use

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Re: Cisco cordless unified model for home use

Posted:Mon 27 of Jul, 2015 (13:50 UTC)

Once you have the phone on your network you just need to get the IP from the Phone and then enter your SIP credentials:

SIP Username: Usually generated by the hosted platform like a 6 digit number.
SIP Password: Sometimes generated by the platform sometimes chosen.
SIP Domain: something like for instance.

Once you have your Login credentials just navigate to the Phone IP address using a browser and then ender those details as follows:

Under Option Ext 1, Account 1 or User 1

SIP Username = User ID
SIP Password = Password
SIP Domain = Proxy

The Phone might need a reboot after but this is the most simple setup. This can vary from one provider to the next.
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Cisco cordless unified model for home use

Posted:Fri 10 of Jul, 2015 (17:58 UTC)
I have just purchased a Cisco cordless unit for use in my home thinking it would integrate simply with my wireless system and PBXWW set-up..... sadly mistaken. Is there an "idiots" guide to setting a home VOIP system like this up? I have looked through the manual and it's painful. relates to an office environment and all i need to know is (i hope) how to connect it to my router and PBXWW system for now. Any guide using small words, pretty pictures and as few syllables as pos would be GREATLY appreciated for a relative noob. I have several softphones that are up and running on the PBXWW system already so it's functional but this is my next step and I'm hitting a wall knowledge wise. Cheers.