Are you looking for SS7 to SIP Gateway?

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Re: Are you looking for SS7 to SIP Gateway?

Posted:Wed 22 of Jul, 2015 (08:01 UTC)
Hello !
My name is Alex Nyman, I saw your post on the forum, and decided that you may be interested in the next product.
GoAntiFraud ( is a complete solution to manage GoIP equipment more effectively.
It can be achieved by the fact that GoAntiFraud offers:
SIM cards rotation according to the large number of options;
Full automation of the majority of routine processes;
Dealing with USSD requests;
Automated work with SMS traffic;
Simulation of human behavior in GSM networks;
Banding SIM cards in groups to imitate calls on ‘favorite numbers’;
Implementation of daily and weekly cycles of human behavior;
Wide call routing functionality.
And much more, that you can learn from me if you use contacts listed below. Or you can find more information on the website:
Best regards,
Alex Nyman,
Skype: alex.nyman23
Phone: +1 202 864 1191

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Are you looking for SS7 to SIP Gateway?

Posted:Mon 13 of Jul, 2015 (08:02 UTC)
SIP/SS7 Gateway (VoIP gateway) is used in different options of conjugation of VoIP and TDM/PSTN networks for minimization of expenses and reduction of operational costs. Effective integration TDM to NGN and IMS networks.

We offer the SS7/SIP Gateway for upgrading telephone networks featuring multiple SS7 interfaces.
There are 2 options for using this gateway based on tasks to be solved.

Option 1 is used when it is required to replace the TDM Switch with the SoftSwitch. If multiple subscriber nodes are connected to the TDM Switch over the SS7 interface they can be switched to the SoftSwitch using the gateway as indicated on the following figure.
In this case the V5.2 interface disconnects from the TDM Switch and connects to the gateway that is connected to the SoftSwitch via the SIP data communications network.

Option 2 is used when it is required to connect VoIP subscribers from the local network to the PSTN number capacity. If the operator has the existing TDM Switch with free SS7 interfaces the gateway on the TDM network side looks as the SS7 subscriber node while on the IP network side it looks as the IP ATE where IP subscribers register.

This functionality allows to use the gateway as IP-PBX that can register up to 1000 SIP subscribers and provide them with value added services. In addition the gateway software allows to “display” TDM network subscribers (for example, subscribers of remote exchange capacities connected to the gateway over V5.2) with SIP accounts of VoIP network with assigned authentication parameters.

The best advantage is price, because it’s less than competitors have. So the same function, but lower price– the best choice.
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