Wholesale VoIP - USA Dialer Trunk just $.0073 / min

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Wholesale VoIP - USA Dialer Trunk just $.0073 / min

Posted:Mon 13 of Jul, 2015 (14:18 UTC)
Star Communications provides wholesale VoIP with World-class voice and reliability. SIP Termination is available for both conversational and dialer traffic.

Easy Interop
Free Testing
High CPS
Unlimited Capacity

USA Dialer just $0.0073\minute 6X6
Canada Dialer just $0.0036\minute 6X6

www (dot) starcompartners (dot) com ~
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To begin testing, contact your representative below.

Phone - 1(800) 653-6010 Ext. 800
Email - andrew@starcompartners.com
Skype - andrew.helton50

Andrew Helton
Star Communications

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