Calling Card Solution for rent/purchase

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Calling Card Solution for rent/purchase

Posted:Fri 24 of Jul, 2015 (06:46 UTC)
Calling Card solution underneath the VoIP technology has inaugrated a revolutionary change in the world of communications. Gone were the days, when people would wait for a day in a month to talk to their near and dear ones who are far away from the geographical boundaries of a country. This Solution minimized the international calling rates to that lower altitude where any person with moderate income levels can avail this service.The flawless and authentic attributes of this solution makes it an ideal source of communication.A variety of consumer segments - business corporates, families, and leisure travelers, expatriates, immigrants, soldiers - have fueled calling cards growth and prosperity.

Calling Card solution is based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) which empowers service providers to avail phone to phone service to their clients. Our solution is backed with ample number of features, let me introduce you a few here:

  • Pin based and pinless calling
  • Open-ended routing
  • Realtime billing for calls with integrated gateway payment
  • Create speed dial for important contacts
  • Complete CDR for all call related activities
  • Customizations tailored as per your needs
  • Multilingual IVR and GUI
  • Design calling cards from web
  • Online voucher recharge
  • Flexible reseller management features
  • Customizable customer care facility

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We deal in complete VoIP telephony and Voicever modules.

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