Need help configuring FreePXB/ Asterisk 13

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Need help configuring FreePXB/ Asterisk 13

Posted:Wed 29 of Jul, 2015 (19:45 UTC)
I apologize for my level of dumbness. However, i'm trying to setup a FreePBX server at home for my small business. I currently have 1 trunk (provided by MegaPath), and 2 DIDs. I've followed their instructions found here: megapath.com/megapath/assets/File/support/voice/SIP-Guide-FreePBX.pdf But i'm stuck. Now what? I see the registration was sent, but it's not showing any active lines or anything like that. What do i do next? Thanks in advance for any help!

I have one VoIP phone, all I need to do is configure it to work. If it rights say 5 times, go to voice mail.

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