Asterisk/Elastix Urgent Help needed!!

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Re: Asterisk/Elastix Urgent Help needed!!

Posted:Mon 13 of Jun, 2016 (08:13 UTC)

You can check out Tenfold, It's a CTI integration that works with almost any CRM and you can request a demo or sign up for a free trial. Here's a list of phone systems and CRMs which we currently work with.
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Asterisk/Elastix Urgent Help needed!!

Posted:Sun 02 of Aug, 2015 (13:23 UTC)
Hello everyone, sorry for the rush, i made myself in trouble by trying to setup a pbx with asterisk/elastix for a friend... in 24 hours... I made it all work, extensions, outgoing, ongoing calls, IVR, everything i need including VIDEO... but i just have one little last problem... "When i try to dial an extension with the headset picked up, i can just dial one or two numbers until i got the "park extension" message... Strange thing is that if i put the extension, 1005 in this case, in the phone first without the speaker or headset up, and after puting it on the LCD i just call, everything goes well... i think it could be dialplan? I have two other old polycom phones that directly allow only two numbers to be dial if the headset or spearker is up. Hope somebody can help me!! Thanks a lot to everyone in advance!